Shelterpay Monthly Giving Program (recurring donations)

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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A monthly giving program is a recurring donation program where donors can automatically donate a specific amount to your organization on a monthly basis. Such regular donation plans help your organization generate a steady stream of financial support so that you can fulfill your vision and mission more effectively.


Donation Boost Widget

The Shelterpay Monthly Giving Program is available through the Shelterpay Donation Boost Widget, where donors will have the option to give once or give monthly. (See How does the Donation Boost Widget help my organization accept more donations? for more information.)




Mobile Checkout

This program is also built right into our popular mobile checkout feature, which makes it easy for adopters and other customers to sign up on the spot! They will only need to enter their credit card information once, which will apply to the original transaction and be saved securely for monthly giving.




Giving Levels

The monthly giving levels available are $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200.


Accounting Reports

You can automatically code these donations to your configured Funds / GL Codes and Departments in Configurations > Shopping Cart Manager > Donations.


Mobile Checkout Donations

  • The original transaction will include a transaction memo to notify you of this: "Shelterpay Monthly Giving Program: New $__ subscription started."
  • The original transaction will not include the actual donation amount. Instead, a separate transaction will be created for their first donation payment.

Donation Boost Widget Donations

  • A transaction will automatically be created when a donor signs up to give monthly.
  • The transaction memo will look like this: "Shelterpay Donation Boost Widget: New $__ Monthly Giving Program subscription started."
  • If the donor added a note or signed up by clicking the "Donate" button on an animal listing on your website, those details will appear in the transaction memo as well.


Recurring Donations

  • Donations will recur automatically on the same day each month.
  • A new transaction will be created for each successful donation payment and will appear in accounting reports like any other transaction.