Microchip Registration with AKC Reunite

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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AKC Reunite utilizes Shelterluv's API to provide almost instant updates to your AKC Reunite registry account when you process an adoption outcome in Shelterluv.

AKC Reunite's microchip registry integration is built by their team and is not managed by Shelterluv. We only provide AKC Reunite access to your data via our API once you send the API key to AKC Reunite. Since AKC Reunite built and manages the integration, you need to address any issues you may experience with them.

Setting up your AKC Reunite integration

To start, generate an API key for AKC Reunite. If you need a quick step-by-step guide on how to do this, please read How to Generate an API Key

Once you generate your API key, contact your AKC Reunite representative at 800-252-7894 or microchip@akcreunite.org and provide the following:

  • Your organization's name
  • Your organization's phone number
  • The newly generated API key
  • The date to start uploading microchip enrollments. AKC Reunite can pull historical records if needed.
  • Whether you want to enroll only AKC Reunite microchips or any brand of microchip. Fees will apply for other microchip brands. Check with your microchip sales representative for details on this.

Once the above is done, you will receive an email from AKC Reunite once the automated microchip enrollment is activated.

Information Needed for Proper Microchip Registration


  • Species
  • Email address, phone number, or address (only one is required, but all are strongly recommended.)

Strongly recommended

  • Pet and owner name
  • Primary breed
  • Full Mailing Address – Street, City, State, Zip

Events that Trigger Microchip Registration

AKC Reunite will automatically register your microchips when an adoption outcome is completed on an animal record.

All other intakes and outcomes will not trigger an automatic microchip registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • AKC Reunite will upload all microchip brands, but fees will apply for non-AKC Reunite microchip brands. For details and current pricing, please check with your microchip sales representative.
  • If an animal has more than one microchip, only the most recently added chip will be uploaded. You should contact AKC Reunite directly at 800-252-7894 to add the second microchip to the existing enrollment.

  • The microchip is registered using the information in the pet owner's record. This includes:
    • Full Name
    • Street Address
    • Email address
    • Phone number (If two phone numbers are on file, both will be included. Only phone numbers with an associated phone type will be included)

AKC Reunite Contact Information

If you are experiencing any issues with your registry or problems with your auto-upload integration, you can contact AKC Reunite in the following ways:

  • Phone number: 800-252-7894
  • Email address: microchip@akcreunite.org