Can I provide an adoption application link for a specific animal?

Julia Law
Julia Law
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If you would like to provide an adoption application link for a specific animal to potential adopters, you can customize the generic adoption application link to be specific to that individual animal. This can be helpful when posting an animal on another platform, such as a social media sites where you might highlight one animal in a post.

To do this, take your generic application link and insert an animal's ID. You can find your generic application type links under Configurations > Application Builder. 

For example, say if you wanted to provide an individual application link for an animal named Dot (TST-A-3181), you would use this link here:


Additionally, if you'd like adoption applicants to be more specific about the animal they are applying for, you can customize your adoption application - see this article here: Building your applications. This can be helpful since the system default question - "Which animals are you interested in?" - is not configurable and applicants may answer with a generic response such as "cats." Adding a custom question such as - "If you are interested in more than one animal, please list all animal names here" may help.  ​