How do I add a medical memo?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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Medical memos, or notes, display in two different places on an animal's record, on the Medical tab and on the Memos tab. These memos can be added from either tab, and regardless where you add them, they will always display in both places. Here are your two options for adding a medical memo:


1 - From the Medical Summary subtab on the Medical tab

On the Medical Summary subtab, you'll find a blue "Add Medical Memo" button. Clicking this button will trigger the memo pop-up. Simply add the note in the pop-up and click "Save".

Adding a medical note from the Medical Summary subtab will display the memo directly beneath the "Add Medical Memo" button, as well as on the Memos tab of the record (with all other types of memos saved for the animal).



2 - From the Memos tab

You can select the Medical type memo from the drop-down field, and then enter the notes in the box. Posting the memo will display the memo directly below on the Memos tab, as well as on the Medical Summary subtab. 



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