Covered Fees FAQ

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Shelterpay offers your customers the option to cover your organization's fees during the checkout process. This is just one of the many avenues that Shelterluv provides to your customers to help and support your organization through the power of giving.

In this article, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Of course, if you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please send the support team an email using the "Submit a request" button in the top menu or at the bottom of this article.



Covered fees overview

The option to cover fees that your customers see at the end of the Shelterpay checkout is automatically calculated to cover for your organization:

  • All Shelterpay-related processing fees including 3.4% + $0.30 (Standard Stax fee per transaction)
  • Your Shelterluv fee per adoption outcome (for adoption transactions only)

This option for covering fees isn't displayed until the very last page of the checkout. This means your customers will see the normal Donation Boost prompt first.

This checkbox to cover fees is selected by default, but your customer has the option to opt-out (deselect) if they would like.

If you would prefer for this box to not be selected by default so that your customers must opt-in to cover the fees, just email and we can switch this setting on your account.

In your Shelterluv accounting reports, the covered fees will appear as a "Covered Fee Donation", and will include the "Donation added by customer during Shelterluv checkout" transaction memo.



Why is the total paid on the customer's receipt different from my Shelterluv reporting?


If your customer chooses to cover your organization's fees, their receipt will show a slightly higher total amount than what you see in your financial reporting and what you see on the person record's "Purchases" tab.

This is because an additional portion of the fees that your customer covered goes directly to Shelterluv, which we use to cover our expenses and reinvest in the software. Thus, your organization will not see that amount in your financial reporting since the amount is not otherwise assumed if the customer decided not to cover the fee.



What does "Fees Covered" refer to on the receipt?


"Fees Covered" is the covered fees amount that the adopter chose to include in their transaction. This is now its own line item on the receipt, rather than being combined with a general donation line item like it was previously. You will receive the same covered fee donation amount that you normally would have prior to this change; you will see the donation amount you received in your Shelterluv accounting reports.



What happens when we refund a customer that covered the fees?


When you complete a refund, the portion of the covered fees relative to the amount refunded will be issued back to the customer. Shelterluv will then credit your organization for this as a Fee Credit.

You can find more details related to this and how this will impact your reporting here: What are fee credits?



Can I turn the cover fees option off for my account or can I pay the added fee for my customers?


The cover fees option in checkout cannot be turned off, however, it does remain optional for your customers. Our data shows that with this feature 70% of Shelterpay transactions have the fees covered by adopters.

This feature allows Shelterluv to cover our expenses, reinvest in the software, and keep our software affordable to organizations just like yours!