How to Process an Owner Surrender Intake

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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This article will provide a complete walkthrough on how to process an owner surrender intake from start to finish. The "Configuration prerequisites" section below lists items in your configurations that will need to be completed prior to processing an owner surrender intake.

Configuration prerequisites

Before you complete an owner surrender intake, you will need to make sure you have the following items configured and set up properly in your Shelterluv account:

Processing an owner surrender intake

To begin, navigate to the appropriate person record in your Shelterluv account and select the "Animals" tab. From here, you will have two options to complete the owner surrender intake depending on whether or not the animal record already exists in your Shelterluv account.

Animal record already exists

If the animal record already exists on the person record, choose the green "Select" button next to the appropriate animal record and then select the "Owner Surrender" option from the dropdown menu. Once done, select the grey "Complete Surrender" button. Note - If you see "Return" instead of "Owner Surrender", the animal's outcome has not passed your configured return threshold.



Animal record needs to be created

If the animal record does not exist in your Shelterluv account, choose the "Owner Surrender" option in the dropdown menu from the blue "Add Animal" button. You will then be greeted with a blue pop-up from which you can click "here" to complete the owner surrender intake form.





Once you have completed one of the two options above, you will be presented with your configured owner surrender intake form to fill out. Once this form is filled out and you select the blue "Finish" button, you are ready to complete the checkout process and capture the owner's signature on your contract.

Completing the checkout and capturing a digital signature

Once the intake form is completed, you will be presented with the following screen to choose an item to add to your shopping cart.

Remember, even if you do not charge an owner surrender fee, you will still want to have a shopping cart item configured so that you can text the checkout to the owner to capture the digital signature. This will also give the owner the option to add a donation as well. Shelterpay will never ask the owner for credit card information if your shopping cart item is configured to $0.00 AND the owner does not choose to add a donation.

Once you've located the appropriate shopping cart item, select the green "Add to Cart" button and then the grey "Checkout" button.



From here, you can text the checkout link through Shelterpay just like a normal Shelterpay adoption by selecting the blue "Continue with Payment" button. Once the owner receives the link and opens it, they will be able to review and digitally sign your contract and give a donation if they choose to. For a complete walkthrough of a Shelterpay checkout, please review Shelterpay: What is Mobile Checkout?