What is a void?

Julia Law
Julia Law
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Voiding and refunding a transaction are different workflows in Shelterluv. You can process a void from Record Management, then choose to refund the transaction OR leave the void as is (refunds can also be processed from the transaction receipt or from the purchases tab on the person record while voids are only available from Record Management).

  • If you refund the transaction after voiding it from record management, you'll be directed to the refund workflow. If the sale was processed via Shelterpay, the refund will be processed via the original form of payment. Once complete, the new refund transaction will show in reporting as a new row with a new transaction id (essentially it is now a refund and not a void). 
  • If you do not refund the transaction, it will remain a void. This void will show in the original reporting as a new row with the same transaction id number as the original sale (unlike a refund). If the sale was processed via Shelterpay, no money will be exchanged. 
    • Voids are ideal in situations where you don't need to refund any money but you do need accounting reports to line up when a payment is retracted - say if a check is voided and never deposited.
    • Alternatively, a refund should always be processed if you need to refund a payment made through Shelterpay.