What do I use my Stax login for?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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When you completed the Stax enrollment form, you chose a password for your Stax account. Using your email and that password, you can login to your Stax account here


This account has three main purposes for you as the main finance contact for your organization:


1: Viewing details for your recurring monthly donations. You can use the "Invoices" section to view monthly donations that have already been processed. You can use the "Scheduled Invoices" section for monthly donations that are scheduled to be processed soon. 

Note: Recurring donations that were started while using Stripe will continue to be processed by Stripe. You can login to your existing Stripe account to view them. All new recurring donations will be processed by Stax.


2: Setting up transaction notification emails. When you're logged into your Stax Dashboard, you can navigate to Settings --> Notifications to enable/disable email notifications of transactions, refunds, failed transactions, and disputes. These emails can be sent to multiple email addresses if needed.


3: Handling disputed charges. These are fairly uncommon in the shelter and rescue environment, so it's possible that you'll never need to use this part of your Stax account.

If you do receive a dispute (also called a chargeback), you will receive an email notification at your admin email address for your Stax account. The disputed transaction amount will be debited from your bank account immediately, along with a $25 chargeback fee. You will have a limited amount of time to respond to the dispute (typically 10 business days). You will be able to upload documents, such as signed receipts and contracts, directly into your Stax dashboard.

Here is a Help Center article with more information about disputes: Disputes with Stax

If you need any assistance with a disputed charge, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at help@shelterluv.com, we'll be happy to help!