Why can't I run these accounting reports?

Julia Law
Julia Law
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Some organizations will not be able to run the Shelterpay Summary by Batch/Payout Date, General Summary by Transaction Date, and Payout Reconciliation quick reports.

These three accounting quick reports are available only to organizations that have enrolled with Stax, the new payment processing platform that Shelterluv is partnering with to power Shelterpay. Shelterpay is Shelterluv's fully integrated payment system that offers great benefits including these powerful reporting tools built to streamline your everyday accounting and reporting tasks.

Take a look at this article for details on what you need in order to enroll with Stax. And please reach out to us at help@shelterluv.com for help with enrollment or to get started if you haven't yet!


Here is a sample of what each of these reports has to offer:

(You can also reference the attached excel reports which correspond to each of the new reports below.)


Shelterpay Summary by Batch/Payout Date (includes both summary chart and detailed transaction/item reports)






General Summary by Transaction Date (includes both summary chart and detailed transaction/item reports)






Payout Reconciliation (includes both the summary chart and itemized report)