Associated Animal and People Records in the Field & Community Services Module

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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Our Field & Community Services module shares the same set of animal and people records that you see in your Shelterluv account.

Searching Records


You can search for an animal by:

  • Animal Name
  • Microchip Number
  • Shelterluv ID (only the number in the ID, exclude your shelter prefix and A)

You can search for a person by:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number (only numbers, exclude all other symbols and spaces)

Linking New and Existing Associated Records

When you are adding Associated Animals or Associated People, you will be able to:

  • Search and link an existing Shelterluv record, or
  • Create a new Shelterluv record directly from Field & Community Services

Users with the appropriate permissions on the Shelterluv side will be able to further edit these records as necessary.

Creating and Intaking Animal Records

When you create a new animal record through Field & Community Services, you will need to select a person first (just like you normally do in Shelterluv) - this creates a “Previously Owned Animal” under that person record in your main Shelterluv account.

From that person’s Animals tab in your main Shelterluv account, you will then be able to:

  • Process a Service, Owner Surrender, or Stray intake, or
  • Transfer to a new owner and then process an intake



If you need to process another intake type such as Feral/Wildlife, then the animal record should be created from the Shelterluv side.

Individual Records


  • You can view records and case/activity histories of people and animals by clicking on their name when searching, adding, or editing associated records
  • The number displayed in parenthesis next to their name indicates how many cases/activities they are associated with


People records will include:

  • Name and Shelterluv ID
  • Link out to main Shelterluv record
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Associated Person
  • Associated Animals
  • New & Open Cases/Activities
  • Completed & Closed Cases/Activities

Animal records will include:

  • Name and Shelterluv ID
  • Link out to main Shelterluv record
  • Photo
  • Species
  • Sex
  • Colors
  • Patterns/Markings
  • Breeds
  • Rabies Tags
  • Status
  • Microchips
  • Licenses (includes Jurisdiction, Issuance Date, Expiration Date)
  • Attributes
  • Associated People
  • New & Open Cases/Activities
  • Completed & Closed Cases/Activities

On each person or animal’s main Shelterluv record, a “Field Services Record” flag will be displayed if they are associated with any cases or activities.

  • Users with access to Field & Community Services will be able to click on the link to get to the Field & Community Services version of the record.
  • Although users without the "Field Services Access" permission will not be able to click on the flag, it will serve as a reminder that they may need to ask another team member--one with access to Field & Community Services--for more information.