Field & Community Services Memos and Memo Templates

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Memos are a great way to track unique information relevant to a case or activity in your Field & Community Services module. We know your time is important so we've also created the ability for you to save memo templates that will pre-fill with your configured information that can be adjusted as needed.

Remember, all configurations can be toggled on/off as needed by clicking on the eye icon next to each one in your Field & Community Services configurations.


Memo Types

  • Additional Person Details
  • Bite Report
  • Dispatch
  • Field Report
  • Final Report
  • Follow Up
  • Import
  • Interview
  • Medical
  • Next Steps
  • Notes
  • Resolution/Charges

Memo Templates


Creating, editing, and deleting memo templates is easy from the second tab under the Memos section.


Once they are set up, you will be able to select a default template for each memo template, if desired. When creating a memo, after a memo type is selected, the corresponding default memo template will populate automatically. Additionally, any template can be manually added to a memo, even without being set as a default template.


Find an example of how to use a Field & Community Services memo template to create a Bite Report:

How can I create a memo template for a Bite Report in the Field & Community Services module?


How to add memos to cases and activities:


  • To add the first memo, click Enter Memo
  • If the memo type you select has a default memo template configured, that template will pre-fill in the main text box
  • Any memo template can be entered manually using the + Template dropdown in the top right corner
  • Be sure to click the red disk icon to save your work when you are done
  • An unlimited amount of text can be entered into each memo
  • An unlimited number of memos can be added to each activity or case; however, external documentation should be scanned and added as attachments to preserve the original formatting