What are all the Shelterpay donation features?

Heather Duncan
Heather Duncan
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With Shelterpay, your team has a variety of donation tools right at your fingertips.


Donation Boost in Mobile Checkout

We know that it’s sometimes awkward or not top of mind for staff to ask for donations, so we’ll ask for you! The donation boost features prompt adopters to donate on your behalf during the mobile checkout flow. The adopter will see a screen with different amounts listed with information about what a donation of each size could cover for the organization.



81% of adopters donate an average of $20/donation! It’s no wonder that 82% of organizations cover 100% of their Shelterluv and credit card processing fees with this feature.


Processing Fee Donations

Your adopters and other customers have the option of adding a donation to cover your processing fees on all transactions that run through our integrated credit card processor Shelterpay! This ensures that your organization will receive 100% of the original payment total.



Donation Boost Widget

The Donation Boost Widget is a special link you can place anywhere you think current and new donors might use it:  a button on your website, your email signature, social media, a QR code on a sign in the shelter, and any other creative place you have in mind. When someone donates through this link, their person record will be automatically created in your Shelterluv account, and the donation will be recorded in your reporting. Donors can give a one-time gift or set up monthly donations through this tool.


Donate button next to animals on website 

If you have an integration set up between Shelterluv and your website through our iframe, you can prompt your website visitors to donate when looking at a specific animal's profile. Clicking the Donate button will bring people to your Donation Boost Widget.


Donors text/SMS your organization's prefix to 89871 and receive a text reply with a link to your organization's secure, mobile-ready Donation Boost Widget where they can then donate. Your  Shelterluv prefix is the 3- or 4-letter code at the beginning of your usernames and animal/person/transaction IDs.
For example, if your Shelterluv prefix is XYZ, then you would include a message like this on all of our marketing material: "Text XYZ to 89871 to donate!"

Other helpful information

  •  A list of donations and the associated donors can be pulled in the "Donations Taken" quick report (under Analysis & Reports > Quick Reports > Accounting).
  • Some customers add attributes like "Donor" or "Monthly donor" to their donors' person records. This allows them to more easily keep track and pull lists of those who have donated.