New Application Manager - Beta Testing FAQs

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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This article is for organizations who have signed up to participate in the beta testing phase of the new Application Manager.


What is the new Application Manager?

As one of the most heavily used modules in Shelterluv, we decided to reimagine and rebuild the Application Manager from the ground up to better support our customers' workflows. This was done through reviewing the feedback we previously received from our users along with conducting Shelterluv User Research calls to deeply understand the intricacies of different organizations' application processing workflows. Take a look at this video for a sneak peek of what's coming this year to your Shelterluv account!



What is beta testing?

Beta testing is an opportunity for real users to use a product in a live environment to uncover any bugs or usability issues before a wide release. Organizations who sign up to beta test the new Application Manager will be the first to use it in their live Shelterluv accounts.


Do I need to get my manager's approval to sign up for beta testing?

Yes. If you are not part of the leadership team at your organization, please ask for approval first as it will affect all users of your Shelterluv account.


Which users will be able to use the new Application Manager during the beta testing phase?

All users in your organization who have access to the legacy/current Application Manager will be able to access the new Application Manager once the beta testing phase begins; specifically, this means any user with the "Process Adoptions and Purchases" permission. (Read more about permissions here.)

When users click on "Application Manager" from the gear menu or Tasks, they will automatically be brought to the new Application Manager.

Can we limit beta testing to certain users only?

No. Once your organization has access to the new Application Manager, it will be the only version that your users will use.

If you are concerned about bugs or other issues potentially disrupting your organization's normal workflows, we recommend waiting for the wide release. Just send us an email at if you need to remove your organization from the list of beta testers.


Will we still have access to the legacy Application Manager?

No. Once the beta testing phase begins, your organization will be completely moved over to the new Application Manager and start using it exclusively.


Will we still have access to historical applications?

Yes! All of your applications will be automatically migrated over to the new Application Manager, so you will not lose any historical data.

Will we get any training on the new system?

Yes! We will be hosting a live webinar at least 1-2 weeks before the beta testing phase begins. It will be recorded for anyone who signs up but cannot attend live.

Additionally, we will have a comprehensive article along with short training videos in the Shelterluv Help Center.


When will the beta testing phase begin?

We are still in the middle of development and will have a more detailed timeline when we are closer to launch. Around the same time, you will receive periodic updates via email as the webinar and other training resources become available.


How should we report any issues we find?

Bugs and other usability issues should be reported to Please provide as many details as possible, including but not limited to:

  • Written steps to reproduce the issue
  • Screenshots and/or a Loom video
  • Application/animal/person details (when applicable)

Have more questions? Reach out to us at!