Best Practices for Using Shelterpay to Increase Donations

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We put together some best practice tips for using Shelterpay to increase your donation earnings from organizations achieving 94-100% Shelterpay mobile checkout for their transactions. This list was developed using actual workflows from Shelterluv customers!


Inform your customers

Let people know in advance about your paperless process and that they'll be expected to pay with credit/debit cards.

Use language like, "We complete all adoptions digitally, so we can either text a checkout link to your mobile phone or you can complete the process using one of our devices." Instead of "How will you be paying today?"

You can set up automated application confirmation emails that includes information about what they can expect during the checkout process, and display information on your website and in your lobby/common areas using our printable one-page guides:


Be accessible 

If your customers do not have smartphones, you can email the checkout link instead or have a dedicated tablet or desktop device available to initiate the checkout process.


Incorporate Shelterpay as your default

You can process all transactions through Shelterpay including $0 adoptions, foster-to-adopt adoptions, and offsite adoptions, so each customer sees our Donation Boost prompt!

  • Bonus: We can customize this sign to post at your offsite locations such as pet retail stores. Email if you're interested!


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