Best Practices for Using Shelterpay to Increase Donations

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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Shelterpay provides your organization with a powerful set of tools to help increase your donations. Below are six best practices that will help you maximize your donation earnings via Shelterpay's Donation Boost. These best practices come directly from Shelterluv customers who raise thousands of dollars for their organization each month using Shelterpay. These are the things that they have found to work well in their adoption processes.

Inform your customers

Let people know in advance about your paperless process and that they will be expected to pay with credit/debit cards. Here are three ways organizations like yours do this:

  1. Set up automated application confirmation emails that include this information.
  2. Include this information on your website.
  3. Print and display these printable one-page guides in your lobby/common areas:

Take advantage of our printable materials

Print these one-page guides and keep them handy for your adoption counselors to help aid in training:

Make your default payment type digital

During checkout, make credit/debit cards your default payment type. Use language like, "We will text you a link to your smartphone to complete your adoption with your credit or debit card." Instead of, "How will you be paying today?"

Use dedicated devices

If your customers do not have smartphones, have a dedicated tablet device available to initiate the checkout process. This help center article explains the different ways you can use a separate device. If you do not have the resources for a dedicated device, please email us at so we can help.

Give your customer an overview

Before your adopter starts the checkout on their phone or your device, let them know what to expect. This helps reduce potential questions and confusion. Use language like, "First, you will be asked to review your adoption contract and sign it. Then you will see a pet insurance offer and be given a chance to make a donation. To finish, you will enter your credit card information and have the opportunity to opt into a Chewy coupon for your new family member!"

Utilize Shelterpay for all transactions

Process all transactions through Shelterpay, including $0 adoptions, foster-to-adopt adoptions, offsite adoptions, and all non-adoption transactions, so each customer sees the Donation Boost prompt!


We can customize this sign to post at your offsite locations, such as pet retail stores. Email if you are interested!

Information regarding Shelterluv Terms & Conditions related to the required use of Shelterpay can be found here.