Shelterpay Text-to-Donate

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Text-to-Donate is our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when donors are on the go! We know that this feature can be prohibitively expensive for any individual organization to set up, which is why we built it into our Shelterpay platform at no additional cost!


How It Works

Donors text/SMS your organization's special code to 89871 and receive a text reply with a link to your organization's secure, mobile-ready Donation Boost Widget where they can then donate.


Your Organization's Special Code

Your organization's special code is your Shelterluv prefix, which is the 3- or 4-letter code at the beginning of your usernames and animal/person/transaction IDs.

For example, if your Shelterluv prefix is XYZ, then you would include a message like this on all of our marketing material: "Text XYZ to 89871 to donate!"


Canadian Donors

The 89871 number only works with U.S. phone numbers on U.S. carrier networks. Canadian donors may text your organization's special code to 289-274-3780 in order to donate.