How do I fix a mistake if I processed a medical outcome for the wrong animal?

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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If you've accidentally processed a medical outcome for an unassisted death in custody or euthanasia using the wrong animal record, you do have the ability to delete the outcome via the Outcomes tab in Record Management to restore the animal/record to the state it was in prior to completing the outcome, and then process the event for the correct animal instead. Medical outcomes can be backdated so you can adjust for the correct outcome date if needed.

Below are a few articles from our Help Center that walk you through these steps: 

  1. Deleting intakes, outcomes, transactions & licenses
  2. How can I edit the date of an intake, outcome, or foster event?

One important note if using Controlled Substance tracking: When you delete a Medical Outcome for Euthanasia, the record in your controlled substances log will not be updated, so you will still see the animal name/ID and amounts used/wasted as a log entry for the drug that was used during the original outcome that you processed. 


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