How to create a hyperlink to an animal record in Excel or Google Sheets

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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Video and formula explanation:


To automatically create a link to an animal record in your Excel report or in Google Sheets, all you need to have is your full animal ID (PREFIX-A-####). Once you have that, copy and paste the formula below into a new column.




From here, all we need to do is adjust "CELLREF" to the appropriate cell. See example below:


In this case, we see that Pringle's animal ID is in cell B2. All we need to do is click into the formula bar and replace "CELLREF" with "B2" in the new column and we're done!

To quickly copy this all the way down the column, double click the small green box of the highlighted cell in the bottom right corner as you can see below. When you hover over the box, your cursor will change to a black cross. Once you have the black cross, simply double click and you're done!




That's it! Once you double click, you should have a full column with links to each of your animals in your report. The exact same process works in both Excel and Google Sheets.