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Best for Pets Offers Through Mobile Checkout 

Shelterpay (Shelterluv’s mobile checkout and donation boost) allows Shelterluv customers to connect adopters with special offers and essential services that support pets and their new family. Shelterluv takes an animals-first approach to developing these offers. We also employ extensive regional and industry-specific data analysis and testing to understand the impact of these offers on adopter satisfaction, pet retention, and pet intake, as well as other effectiveness measures. We welcome customer feedback, as we use this jointly with data to guide our efforts. 

Checkout offers currently include:

Chewy Shopping Spree


Adopters can choose to receive this coupon via email in the Shelterpay checkout flow. We do not automatically share the adopter's info with

If chosen, this special offer will be sent out automatically to adopters after checkout in a separate email. Keep in mind that there may be 1-5 minute delay.

Pet Health Insurance

Did you know? Pets insured at checkout are 40% less likely to be returned to the shelter and receive 2.4x as much veterinary care. 


An offer to receive an instant quote and sign up for Pet Insurance, provided by either MetLife (PetFirst) or Rainwalk, is included during checkout. This is optional - your adopters can either receive a quote within the texted checkout flow and select "Purchase" OR select "No thanks, I do not want to purchase pet insurance" (these buttons to purchase or not purchase pet insurance are included at the very bottom of the offer screen).

Please take a look at the following articles for more details and a list of states that this is currently available in: 

Not seeing these offers in your credit card checkout process?  Please contact us here.