“Configurations in a Box” and How They Help You Get Started Faster

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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Setting up your account just got a whole lot easier! With Configurations in a Box, you can have a set of our Best Practices configurations automatically set up in your new account—cutting down your set up time significantly. 
We are also able to copy configurations from one account to another, including free trial accounts for your staff to be able to practice in!

Available Configurations in a Box sets are linked here with details of the configurations available for each. Additional sets will be added soon. Only one set of configurations can be copied into your account.

The following configurations are able to be copied from one account to another:

General Shelter:

  • Behavior Management

    • Behavior Assessments

    • Behavior Plans

    • Behavior/Volunteer/Adoption Categories

  • Intake and Outcome

    • Intake and Outcome Subtypes

    • Intake and Outcome Forms

  • Digital Adoption Packets

    • Age Group settings will not be copied over and each doc will instead default to “All” since Age Groups are shelter-specific.

  • Processing

    • Animal Statuses

    • Animal Attributes

    • Person Attributes

    • Adoption Hold

    • Asilomar Reporting

  • Email Templates

  • Application Builder

    • Note: This is combined into one item with Email Templates due to dependencies on the backend. We do not copy over any email addresses.


  • Custom Medical Forms

  • Treatment Quick Fill Templates

  • Vet Check Reasons

  • CVT Check Reasons

  • Physical Exams (both below are combined into one item)

    • Exam Types

    • Quick Fill Templates