Configuring Roles for People Associated with Field & Community Services Cases and Activities

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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When you associate a person with a Field & Community Services case or activity, you will be prompted to assign a role to this person. You may select as many as needed.

We've provided many types of roles to choose from for both cases and activities which can be further configured as available options for your team by toggling each type on/off as needed by clicking on the eye icon next to each one:


Field & Community Services Person Roles include:

  • Reporting Party
  • Witness
  • Subject
  • Complainant
  • Victim
  • Animal Owner
  • Homeowner
  • Colony Caretaker
  • Veterinary Contact
  • Assisting Officer
  • Community Partner
  • Event Staff
  • Volunteer