Configuring Field & Community Services Case and Activity Priority Levels

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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Field & Community Services Cases and Activities can be assigned a priority level. These priorities can be used as a filter to help triage all current cases and activities and are also available as color coded icons in the Map View:


Configuring Priority Levels

To get started, you'll need to configure which priority levels are available to be used by your team. Like other configurations, each priority level can be toggled on/off as needed by clicking on the eye icon next to each one:



We've provided up to 5 levels of priority that you can toggle on or off:

  1. P1 (Red) This is considered the highest priority level.
  2. P2 (Orange)
  3. P3 (Yellow)
  4. P4 (Green)
  5. P5 (Blue)