Configuring Violations for Field & Community Services Cases

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Field & Community Services Cases also allow you to assign violations and any related results. Violation types and results can be toggled on/off as needed in this module's configurations by clicking on the eye icon next to each:



The following Violations Types are available:

  • Abandonment
  • Animal at large
  • Animal bite
  • Animal in vehicle
  • Cruelty to animal
  • Dangerous dog
  • Dog barking/noise
  • Mandatory spay/neutering
  • Neglect to animal
  • No license
  • No rabies vaccination
  • Other violation

When entering a Violation Type onto a Field & Community Services Case, you also have the option to add a Violation Result, however this an optional field in case a result has not yet been reached.


The following Violation Results are available:

  • Appearance Ticket
  • Arrest
  • Complied
  • Convicted
  • Correction Notice
  • Dismissed
  • Plea Bargain
  • Warning