Why can't I transfer back in an animal that was previously transferred out?

Julia Law
Julia Law
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You won't be able to transfer an animal back in if the partner you transferred the animal out to is also using Shelterluv (see further details about transferring an animal back in from a partner not using Shelterluv here). You will notice that the Action column with the green button on the Transfers To tab of the partner does not appear and allow you to transfer an animal back in if the partner is using Shelterluv.

Instead, depending on the circumstance, you'll need to follow one of these sets of directions:

Option 1: The transfer out and in events did occur

If the transfers events did actually occur in real life and you'd like to retain the appropriate series events, the partner using Shelterluv will have to transfer the record back to you on their end. You'll then be able to accept the transfer on the Transfers From tab (you'll see a red notification display when the partner has made the transfer on their end).

Option 2: The transfer out event did not occur / it was a mistake

If you need to delete the transfer out event so the animal is placed back into your custody because the transfer out event was a mistake, you'll face one of two situations. If the animal was accepted on the receiving partner's end as a transfer in, they will first need to delete the intake in their account. Then you can delete the outcome on your end. Alternatively, if the animal was never accepted on the receiving partner's end, you should be able to immediately delete the transfer outcome on your end.

Intakes and outcomes can be deleted from the settings wheel > record management, take a look at this article here (keep in mind only users with the permission "Edit and Delete Inventories, Intakes, Outcomes, Transactions, and Licenses" will be able to access record management).

Please let us know if you have questions by emailing help@shelterluv.com.