Helpful tips when moving data from Excel to Google Sheets

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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When you move data from Excel to Google Sheets, it's important that you follow the process outlined below to ensure you don't have any odd formatting issues when you paste the data into your Google Sheet.    

When you have your exported report open in Excel:

Note: If you are following these steps to populate a template we have provided, you can delete row 1 completely before step 1 as the column headings will already exist on the template file we provided. 

1. Highlight all of the columns that contain report data, then Unmerge Cells from the merge cells icon shown below. 

2. After un-merging cells, copy all of the report data from Excel to your clipboard by Right Clicking > Copy, or using a keyboard shortcut (CMD + C or CTRL + C). 

3. In Google Sheets, right click into the cell you want to paste your data into, then from the Paste Special function select Paste Values Only.