How do I handle animals who require a special diet?

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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Some animals may enter your custody that require a special diet or may be undergoing care where tracking their food intake is important. 


Using Tasks

You can choose to use our Treatment module for scheduling and tracking feedings or special diets for your animals. You can find related treatment tasks by typing "food" or "feed" into the treatment field:

Here you'll find several generic tasks such as "Dog food (canned/wet)" as well as a variety of prescription diets​ such as "Urinary SO." Additional exams include:

  • Wet food only
  • Pumpkin
  • Feed with food puzzle
  • Hand feed
  • Syringe Feed

Using the treatment module for special feedings will allow you to schedule them at specified intervals that can be checked off via the Task Manager and record to the animal's Complete Medical History Document.


Using Attributes

Another option for recording special dietary needs is to use an attribute called "Special Dietary Needs." We recommend ensuring this is configured to also publish as an Adoption Disclaimer.



When adding this attribute to an animal's record, you can update the stored text to include the specific details of the feeding or special diet which your adopters must review and agree to prior to finalizing an adoption outcome. 



For more information about using attributes as adoption disclaimers, see: How do I add adoption disclaimers to certain animals?