How can I create a memo template for a Bite Report in the Field & Community Services module?

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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Your organization may be required to report incidents such as bite cases that occur within your organization or outside in your community to your local Health Department.

Our Field and Community Services module includes the ability to configure Memo Templates that can save your staff some additional time when recording incident information. 

You'll first need to configure a template type called "Bite Report" within this module:

You can configure the template as needed to include any required fields necessary. Remember, when creating a case, you can associate a person and animal record that will also be included when reviewing the PDF printout so you do not need to include those details in your template:



Once you've created your template, you're ready to add it to a new Case. Create a Case and choose "Bite" as the case type. Locate or create a new person record to associate as the victim, and locate or create an associated animal record to automatically include their specific information in the case details. You may choose to leave the case open for the duration of the quarantine period in order to upload additional attachments or memos as needed.




When your ready to submit your incident report to the Health Department, print to a PDF to download and share as needed:



Your final printed incident report will include associated people and animals, any violations or metrics you've included as well as your bite report memo template: