Field & Community Services Overview

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Device Compatibility

Logging In & Out




Device Compatibility

  • Field & Community Services is mobile-responsive and can be used on any phone, tablet, or computer with Internet access.
  • We recommend using the Chrome browser for the best experience.

Logging In & Out

  • You will log in to Shelterluv as you normally do to gain access to Field & Community Services, which can be launched using the gear menu in the top right corner.
    • Only users with the Field Services Access permission in Shelterluv will see this option.
  • If you log out of Field & Community Services, you will also be logged out of Shelterluv.






The menu is launched by clicking on your name in the top right corner of any page.




  • Activities & Cases
      • All new and open activities and cases (completed and closed cases are filtered out by default)
      • Features a collapsible filter menu on the side
      • Clicking on an activity or case card will open the detailed view in a new browser tab
      • The count of activities and cases in your current view (based on filters and search) is displayed directly below the search bar
  • Map View
    • Map with priority pins for all new and open activities and cases (completed and closed cases are filtered out by default)
    • Summary table of users and their assigned tasks, broken down by type and priority level
  • Records
    • Search animal and people records from your main Shelterluv account
    • See records recently associated with activities and cases
    • The number next to each record name indicates how many activities and cases the animal or person has been associated with
  • Search
    • Partial searches work as well! For example, one possible use case for reference #’s is to put in other details you would like to be searchable such as vehicle details
    • You can pull up activities and cases in the main search bar using title, ID, reference #, or any part of the location address
    • By default, this will search all activities and cases, but you can click the Filter Results checkbox on the right to only search within your currently engaged filters

How to Use the Map View


  • The main part of the Map View gives you a map of your area with pins for all your cases and activities, color-coded by priority level
  • Clicking on a pin will give you a few quick details of that case or activity
  • You can also search for a specific address to update the map view


  • The Map View also gives you a quick view of the workload for each of your users
  • Each user's box will indicate how many cases and activities they have been assigned, broken down by priority level


Dashboard Filters


The filter menu helps you find the activities and cases you want to see. It can be collapsed using the arrow icon.


The following filters are available for Activities & Cases and Map View:

  • Assigned To
      • Search by user
        Buttons for Me / Everyone / Unassigned
  • Quick Filters
      • New/Open - has status of New or Open
      • Due Today - has due date of today or is overdue
  • Priority Levels
      • P1 up to P5 (depending on your configuration)
  • Statuses
      • New
      • Open
      • Completed
      • Closed
  • Jurisdictions
      • Search by jurisdiction
      • Buttons for All / Unassigned
  • Zones
      • Search by zone
      • Buttons for All / Unassigned
  • Tasks
    • Activities
      • Types & subtypes
    • Cases
      • Types & subtypes


Order / Sort Filters


  • By default you will see all activities and cases in a New or Open status, sorted by Last Created date

  • To view Completed and/or Closed activities and cases, you will need to enable those Status filters
    • You can override the default sort using these options at the bottom of the filter menu (available in the Activities & Cases view only):

  • Priority
        • Highest
        • Lowest
  • Date
      • Newest (incident date)
      • Oldest (incident date)
      • Last Created
      • Last Updated
      • Oldest Due Date

Configuring your Field & Community Services Module: