Donations for Processing Fees

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
  • Updated

Shelterpay offers your customers the option to cover your organization's fees during the checkout process.

The option to cover fees that your customers see at the end of the Shelterpay checkout is automatically calculated to cover your organization:

  • All Shelterpay-related processing fees, including 3.4% + $0.30 (Standard Stax fee per transaction)
  • Your Shelterluv fee per adoption outcome (for adoption transactions only)


Additional Notes

  • This option to cover processing fees is not displayed until the very last page of the checkout, which means your customers will see the normal Donation Boost prompt first.
  • This box to cover processing fees is selected by default, though the customer has the option to opt-out if they would like.
    • If you would prefer for this box not to be selected by default so that your customers must opt into it, just email, and we can switch this setting on your account.
  • In your Shelterluv accounting reports, the covered fees will appear just like the Donation Boost transactions including the "Donation added by customer during Shelterluv checkout" transaction memo.