How to Process $0 Adoptions with Shelterpay

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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Shelterluv believes every adopter should have the same equal opportunity to donate to your organization, regardless of whether the adoption fee is waived.

This is why all adoptions priced at $0 are processed through Shelterpay only, and the Cash/Check or No Charge Checkout payment options are not visible.

This ensures that every adopter is given the opportunity to donate to your organization and digitally sign your adoption contract. When 81% of adopters donate an average of $20 through Shelterpay, you want to take advantage of every opportunity!

If you want to see the entire step-by-step process of completing an adoption outcome and what a Shelterpay checkout looks like, you can read How to Process an Adoption Outcome with Shelterpay.

The Cash/Check or No Charge Checkout payment options will remain visible for non-adoption transactions priced at $0.

Processing a $0 adoption with Shelterpay

Create your adoption price group

Start by creating an Adoption Price Group in your Shopping Cart Configurations. Give the price group an easily recognizable name, such as Shelterpay Adoption - $0, for example. Then, set the group's price to $0.


You can also discount an existing Adoption Price Group to $0 by configuring a Transaction-Level Discount Reason.

Send the Shelterpay checkout to the adopter

After you create the Adoption Price Group, add the appropriate animal(s) to your shopping cart and update the price group to the new one you just made.

Once done, click the blue Continue with Payment button and choose the Shelterpay delivery method that best suits the adopter's needs.


If you would like to learn more about processing regular and $0 non-adoption Shelterpay transactions, take a look at How to Process Non-Adoption Transactions with Shelterpay.