How to process a $0 transaction through Shelterpay

Mandi Nieland
Mandi Nieland
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Why should I use Shelterpay for $0 adoptions and other transactions?

Here are just a few of the reasons to use Shelterpay for fee-waived services or free adoptions:
  •  Save time and paper! Contracts, disclaimers and receipts can be digitally signed (and automatically added to the associated person and animal records) and you can easily email all documents, such as system-generated medical history, digitally signed contract and disclaimers, and Digital Adoption Packets to the adopter at the end of the transaction.
  • It boosts donations! (78% of adopters donate an average of $21 through this feature) Some are even more likely to give a donation during a fee-waived transaction.

Whether you're allowing a foster to complete their adoption from the comfort of their own home, looking to complete adoptions more quickly during a busy event, or simply hoping to simplify the checkout process and increase donations, Shelterpay is the perfect solution for your $0 transactions. 

How do I process $0 transactions through Shelterpay?

  1. Start by creating an Adoption Price Group (for adoption transactions) or a Non-Adoption Item (for fee-waved services such as owner surrenders) in your Shopping Cart Configurations. Give each price group a name that is easily recognizable (i.e., “Shelterpay Adoption - $0” or "Fee-waived Intake), and set the price to $0. You can also opt to discount an existing price group down to $0 using a regularly priced Adoption Group or item (be sure to configure Transaction-Level Discount Reasons).
  2. In the Shopping Cart, select your $0 price group or discount the transaction amount, then choose the blue "Continue with Payment" button, and continue with the checkout process:

If you are interested in how to process adoptions that take place offsite at a retail location or similar, you can also check out our article on the best way to process offsite adoptions