How do I process an Owner Requested Euthanasia?

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown

Shelterluv does not have a separate intake and outcome type for owner requested euthanasias; instead, they are normally tracked under subtypes. Generally a Service Intake and Euthanasia Outcome with an Owner Requested Euthanasia subtype is used. These subtypes can be set to "No" to count towards your numbers so they won't impact a regular intake and outcome reports. They will be reportable in a separate report - the Custom Intake and Outcome Numbers set not to count Report.


However, since subtypes are configurable by each shelter, there isn't a way to automatically map that to the SAC report, all euthanasias will be reflected in P- Shelter Euthanasia. Additional details about the SAC report here and how each intake/outcome type in Shelterluv maps to SAC: Shelter Animals Count report in Shelterluv.

To adjust your Shelter Animals Count report prior to submitting the data, you would pull the number of animals within the timeframe you are reporting on that have the Owner Requested subtype from the Shelter Euthanasia section listed on the report and add them to the Owner Requested Euthanasia count manually.

If there are any intake subtypes for these euthanasias that should actually be counting, you can also add those in manually as well before submitting your data.