Recording and Processing Sponsored Adoptions

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You may have customers who would like to offer a monetary donation in order to "sponsor" the adoption fee for an animal in your program so that their future adopter does not need to pay a fee.

Shelterluv offers a variety of options for you to capture and record these payments.

Option 1: Create a new purchase with Shelterpay

To start, configure a non-adoption shopping cart item for each Adoption Price Group you have such as "Sponsored Adoption - Adult Dog $25."

Then, start a new purchase from the appropriate Person Record's "Purchases" tab and add the sponsored shopping cart item to your shopping cart. For a complete step-by-step walkthrough of how to add shopping cart items to your shopping cart and complete the transaction, please review How to Process Non-Adoption Transactions with Shelterpay.

You may choose to record the name and ID of the animal who is being sponsored in the transaction memo field. 

Option 2: Create a donation with Shelterpay

Similar to the first option, start a new purchase from the appropriate Person Record's "Purchases" tab but choose the default "Donation" item at the very top of the list.



Then, enter the sponsored amount and a brief memo in the Donation pop-up window. You may also wish to configure a specific Department and Fund for these sponsored adoption donations:mceclip1.png


Option 3: Utilize your organization's donation boost widget

Using your Donation Boost Widget, customers can submit a donation from anywhere.

In your accounting reports, these donations will say "Shelterpay Donation Boost Widget" in the transaction memo to distinguish them from your other donations. Donors may also add a note to denote that they would like their donation to apply towards the adoption fee of an animal in your program which will also appear in the transaction memo.

You can also add a Donate button to your website's iframe that links directly to this widget so donors can submit their gift directly from the animal's profile that they would like to sponsor.

Updating your animal records

You'll also want to create a $0 Adoption Fee Price Group (possibly called "Sponsored Adoption") and update the animal's adoption group from their profile after recording the donation.

Some users also add an attribute called "Sponsored Adoption" that is configured to display on kennel cards and online profiles to promote these animals. 

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