Can I leave a shopping cart open or invoice a customer?

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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Currently, Shelterluv does not include a feature built specifically for a keeping a running balance open in a shopping cart or invoicing a customer for services.

When building a transaction, the shopping cart will present you with a pop-up notice after roughly 10 minutes of inactivity and ask if you want to release the cart or keep working on it, however these will time-out if the transaction is not completed.

If you are utilizing our integrated credit card system, Shelterpay, any transaction link that is texted or emailed using the mobile checkout feature will not expire unless the shopping cart is deleted or edited.

One option we recommend for our customers who would like to keep track of an open balance on a person record would be to add an attribute to the person record called "Balance Due." Additionally, you can utilize a pop-up memo to include the total amount due in a memo on their record. Each time you receive a payment for an open balance, you can create a new transaction for the paid amount and adjust the amount due in the memo until the balance is paid, then you can remove the attribute.