How do I create animal records from applications?

Zoe Rogers
Zoe Rogers
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You can create animal records directly from an Owner Surrender or Custom application which will speed up your intake process! You will notice a new blue "Create Record" link under the animal's name, which will auto-populate an animal profile and attach it to the applicant.



Which animal profile fields from the application will be auto-populated onto the newly created record?

All Owner Surrender applications include the following default fields that will automatically populate into the animal record upon creation. When you are configuring a new custom application, you will be able to choose to collect animal information, or not. All other questions on the applications are configurable by the organization and therefore cannot be auto-populated.

  • Animal Name
  • Primary Breed
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Age Group
  • Age Today
  • Estimated Birthdate

Where can I find the animal record after it's created?

The new animal record will be created as a Previously Owned Animal and will be:

  • Linked directly from the application itself
  • On the Animals tab of the applicant's person record
  • Searchable like all other animal records (you will need to uncheck the "show in custody animals only" box if the intake has not been completed yet)

Why don't I see this "Create Record" option on all applications?

If an application is not connected to a person record yet, then you will not see this option because the new animal record must be attached to a person record. To create a person record first from the application, click to accept, reject, or archive the application. Doing so will move the application to the associated tab in the Application Manager, where you will then be able to see the "Create Record" option. 

What if the animal on the application already has a record in Shelterluv?

If the applicant already has associated animals, they will be displayed on a pop-up like the one below to ensure no duplicates are created. You can either select an existing animal to attach the application to or you can create a brand new record if the animal does not exist yet.




How do I process an intake using the new animal record if they come in?

On the applicant's person record, you will find this new record under the Animals tab as a Previously Owned Animal (which just means an animal with no intake or outcome events yet). Simply click the green Select button on that row to start an intake. The intake form will pre-populate with the animal's existing profile information, expediting the intake process.