How do I create a transaction for a Partner organization?

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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Currently in Shelterluv, we do not support the ability to process a transaction from a Partner record however we understand there are often scenarios where your organization provides services such as spay/neuter to other sheltering and rescue partners within your community.

In the meantime we suggest creating a Person record for each partner organization you'd like to collect a payment from. You can opt to put something like "(Partner)" in the last name field to help make this clear for all of your users.

You should still process your intakes and outcomes for these services directly from your Partner organization, then at the end of the day, month, or other interval you've worked out with your partner, you can run a report to determine how many of each service type you provided to a particular organization.

To create a transaction, navigate to the Purchases tab of the Person record for that organization and click the "New Purchase" button to process a transaction for the services you've provided. 



You can also include additional notes such as the animal ID #'s to the transaction memo if you'd like to include this in your reports.

For information on configuring your Service Intake and Outcome Subtypes, you may wish to review: The basics of service intakes/outcomes.

The following article will walk you through configuring non-adoption shopping cart items in order to add these to the transaction for your Partner organization: Setting up non-adoption shopping cart items.