How do I configure the email sent to adopters with their digital documents?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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You can now configure the message that goes out to your adopters to provide them with tips, resources, links, and post-adoption reminders. This message will be sent with your Digital Adoption Packet and/or other documents selected for email in the checkout process.




Easy setup

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Email Templates > Adoption > Adoption Documents
  2. Select Dog, Cat, or Other to begin configuring a message for that animal type
  3. Enter your Email Subject (limited to 100 characters), Reply To email address, and Email Message
  4. Once you're done, remember to click Save Email Template!


A few things to note

  • In the yellow help text box, you will see the format of the default language we include at the beginning of the email; your message will appear below it, so we would recommend not repeating "Hello" or "Congratulations" again - it would sound awkward to your adopter!
  • In the email message, URLs will be automatically hyperlinked so that you can provide your adopters with links to additional resources.
  • Remember that there are three separate messages to configure - Dog, Cat, Other - so don't stop after the first one!