How do I set up Digital Adoption Packets?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Behind every successful adoption is the wealth of information that your organization provides to each adopter. Whether you want to send them home with information on clinic services, good nutrition, training tips, microchip registration, pet insurance, or any other resources - it's now easier than ever to deliver them!

Rather than making physical copies or sending out an extra email after the pet goes home, your adopters can now receive these valuable resources in the same email as their receipt, contract, medical history, and other Shelterluv system-generated documents! As an added bonus, all of these documents will be automatically imported into each adopter's free Adopterluv account.

To get started, navigate to your Configuration panel, where you will find a new section called Digital Adoption Packets under the General Shelter tab. Then click Add New Document as shown below.




In the pop-up, enter a Document Title - this will be visible to your adoption counselors at the time of checkout and it will be the filename that your adopters see when downloading documents. This field is limited to 40 characters.




By default (see above), the document will display at checkout for all species and age groups, but you can limit it to specific Species and Age Groups by clicking on each of those fields. For example, this document has been configured to display for puppy adoptions only.




Finally, you will select a Category for the document, which will keep everything organized on the document delivery pop-up shown here.




That's it! Rinse and repeat for each resource you want to provide to your adopters. With each adoption checkout, you will be able to email and/or print your Digital Adoption Packet documents along with the the usual system-generated documents!

Pro Tip: To provide a more personal message to your adopters with these documents, be sure to check out this article: How do I configure the email sent to adopters with their digital documents?

Adoption Packet Examples


The team over at SICSA has kindly shared examples of what they include in their digital adoption packet. Feel free to copy or to simply draw inspiration from these materials. Find their examples here: SICSA Adoption Packet