How do I add a second responsible person, such as spouse, partner or roommate, to a contract?

Chrissy Sedgley
Chrissy Sedgley
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Using the Associated People field allows you to link multiple people together in order to keep track of all of those who may be responsible for the care of an animal. Using this field does not require both parties to sign a contract for an adoption or owner surrender.

In some cases, Shelterluv users wish to include the names of more than one responsible party on a contract such as when processing an adoption or completing an Owner Surrender. To do this, you must enter the names of both people onto a single person record. 

For example for a couple with the same last name, you may wish to enter the two first names in the first name box then enter the shared last name in the last name field:

  • First Name: Harry and Ginny
  • Last Name: Potter


This may be useful if you are using reports to auto-fill contact information for an email campaign. 


Another example is when two people with different last names are adopting a pet together. In this case, if you'd like both names to display on the Adoption Contract or as the Caretaker for an animal, you'll need to enter both names into the person record as follows:

  • First Name: Hermione Granger and
  • Last Name: Ron Weasley


In both cases, you can replace β€œand” with β€œ&” if preferred. Please keep in mind that this method of combining people will affect search results when you are looking for a particular person. 


Please watch this short video which details the process for editing an existing person record to include two names, and what the adoption contract looks like using this method.