Microchip Registration with SmartTag

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Setting Up the Auto Upload

When do chips get uploaded?

Events that do not trigger an automatic registration

What if an animal has multiple microchips?

What information is being pulled for uploads?


To enable auto-uploads to SmartTag go to Configuration > Uploads and Integrations > Microchip Registries:


To set up SmartTag Registry:

  • FTP Server: ftp.idtag.com

  • FTP Username/Password: Email SmartTag's support at mikec@idtag.com to receive FTP credentials. These credentials are NOT the same as what you use to login to your SmartTag account.

To test the connection after entering the credentials, make sure it's set to "Auto upload enabled" and then click the "Save" button. You will see a pop-up with results of the connection test. Be sure to switch each one back to "Auto upload disabled" after the test if you have not gone live with Shelterluv yet.

Note: If you are importing historical data, we recommend enabling this 3 days after your import is complete. This is because we will auto-upload all chips that were added in the 3 days prior to the date they were enabled, and it may cause your older adopters some confusion if their pets' microchips get registered to Found Animals. 

How often do uploads run?

Auto-uploads for the Michelson Found Animals Registry and SmartTag run overnight as a regular job every night. So if you're testing to see if you've got the correct credentials entered, you should be able to verify the next morning. However, we sometimes hear about processing times of up to 48 hours on the microchip registries' side; you can always contact them directly to verify that they are working to process your files.

Note: When auto-uploads are first enabled, we only upload chips that were added in the 3 days prior to the date they were enabled. Any chips that were added more than three days prior should be manually registered.


When do chips get uploaded?

For intakes:

  • If a chip is added to the animal's record, either at the point of intaking or via the animal's record while in your custody, it will be included in the upload. This is true for Owner Surrender (not adoption returns), Transfer, Stray, Service, and Born in Care intakes.

For animals already in custody: 

  • If an animal is already in your custody and you need to update/edit their microchip, you should Delete the current microchip and then select the "Add Microchip" button. Once you add the new microchip, this will be included in the next upload.
    • Please note: You'll need to completely delete the wrong microchip from the animal's record, simply editing the existing microchip numbers in the field won't trigger the new number to be included in the next upload.




For outcomes:

  • When an animal with a chip is adopted, returned to owner, or serviced out to a person, the chip will be uploaded.
    • At this point, you will remain on the chip as the Permanent Rescue Contact, and the registration will be transferred to the pet owner.
    • The pet owner will receive an email confirmation once their registration is processed by the microchip registry.
  • If the chip is added or updated within 3 days of the outcome, including the day of the outcome, it will still be uploaded with the latest change.
    • Example: If outcome date is on January 1st, then changes up until January 3rd will be reflected in uploads.

Events that do not trigger an automatic registration:

  • Pre-intake animals with microchips on their records. The chip will be uploaded only once the animal's intake is completed.
  • An adopted animal with a registered microchip being returned. However, once the animal is adopted out again, the chip will be re-registered to the new owner.
  • Transfer outcomes will not register to the transfer partner
  • Custody changes (owner to owner transfer or owner to partner transfer from the Caretaker tab)
  • Chips that are added or updated after the 3-day period, will not be uploaded.

What if an animal has multiple microchips?

If an animal has more than one microchip, only the most recently added chip will be uploaded, so you will need to manually register the other chip(s) through your registry account. (The other option is to wait a day before adding subsequent chips.)

When an animal has more than one microchip implanted, none of the chips are considered the "primary" because any one of them could be picked up by a universal microchip scanner first. This means it is important that each chip's registration is kept up-to-date.

What information is being pulled for uploads?

For intakes:

The microchip is registered using information in the "My Organization" section of General Shelter Configurations.

  • Shelter Name
  • Street Address
  • Transfer Point of Contact's email address
  • Transfer Point of Contact's phone number

For outcomes:

The microchip is registered using information in the pet owner's record. (Note: Michelson Found Animals requires a minimum of one phone number or one email address to register a chip.)

  • Full Name
  • Street Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
    • If two phone numbers are on file, both will be included
    • Only phone numbers with an associated phone type will be included