How can I reconcile my Stripe transactions with Shelterluv?

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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There are a few different reports customers pull from Stripe while reconciling their transaction data, but those reports do not have all of the detailed transaction information that is available in Shelterluv accounting reports, and vice versa. 

In an effort to streamline the reconciliation process, we created a template in Google Sheets for our customers to use that combines data from the reports listed below. To use this template, navigate to File > Make a Copy. 

Click on each report for a video walk through showing you how to pull each report, and how to place the exported data into the template: 

Please Note: Our Stripe account that was used to record these videos has test data only, so there was not any Payout data available when that report was pulled for the Payout Report video. The steps to pull this data will still be the same in your Stripe account. You can also subscribe to receive your Payout Reconciliation data automatically via email by selecting the Subscribe option shown below: 


Once you fill the template with all of the report data, you will see the Summary by Payout tab auto-populate with a payout date for each Payout ID, along with a total amount paid out and a total amount in fees for that payout ID. 

The Stripe Transaction Report will include the Stripe Charge ID, The Payout ID, and the customer data from Shelterluv for each individual transaction. 

If you have any questions about this template or have different Stripe reporting needs, please email