Can I update animals in Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet, and RescueGroups directly if I am using the auto-upload feature?

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If you are utilizing auto-uploads, you will not want to update animals directly in your Adopt-A-Pet, Petfinder, and RescueGroups accounts as the changes will be overridden each time an update is made.

We send a new file on intervals to these aggregator sites, letting them know the animal information to upload and update in your aggregator account. Each time we send a new file, your account is wiped clean of any additional changes time a new file is processed. See Uploading animals to aggregators of adoptable animals for more details.


The Petfinder upload file does not include a field for Location or Contact, but these fields do exist for each animal within your Petfinder account. Since our integration does not support either of these fields, any changes made to them within Petfinder directly will remain unchanged when the next upload file is processed. 

If you want to add a completely new listing through Petfinder directly and the animal won't be included in your published animals via Shelterluv, you would need to make sure the "Pet ID" field is completely blank, otherwise the pet will be deleted/overwritten with your next upload from Shelterluv. 

If you would like to retain a record of adopted animals in your Petfinder account, you can choose to remove the "Pet ID" field in your Petfinder account prior to processing the adoption in Shelterluv, then mark the animal as Adopted within your Petfinder account.