Shelterpay: What is Mobile Checkout?

Heather Duncan
Heather Duncan
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Mobile Checkout

Mobile checkout is a process in which you can send a link to a customer’s phone for them to complete a transaction on their own device. Mobile checkout can be used for any credit card transaction and is especially useful for adoptions. If the customer or adopter does not have a mobile device, you can still use the mobile checkout flow on your organization’s computer or tablet. You also have the ability to email the mobile checkout link or send it to a linked device if the adopter does not have a smartphone. The Donation Boost feature in mobile checkout has raised over $19 million for our customers so far!

These are the screens and steps that the adopter will see on their device:

  • A summary of the purchase and a picture of the animal (if applicable)
  • Any adoption disclaimers associated with the animal record (if applicable)
  • Your configured adoption contract
  • A digital signature screen that captures the signature for important documents (more information below)
  • Deals and offers
  • Donation boost (more information below)
  • The summary and payment screen

You can see the mobile checkout and donation boost in action by texting "CAT" or "DOG" to 1-650-240-4964.

Canadian users should text 1-289-274-3780.

After the transaction is completed, the checkout process is finalized by your organization’s staff who will have the option to print or email associated important documents. 

This can all be accomplished on the adopter’s phone with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, the staff member can be using their time to prepare the animal for adoption. 


Donation Boost

We know that it’s sometimes awkward or not top of mind for staff to ask for donations, so we’ll ask for you! The Shelterpay Donation Boost feature prompts adopters to donate on your behalf. The adopter will see a screen with different amounts listed with information about what a donation of each size could cover for the organization; then, on the last screen of the checkout, they will also have the option to make a donation to cover your processing fees.

81% of adopters donate an average of $20/donation! It’s no wonder that 82% of organizations cover 100% of their Shelterluv and credit card processing fees with this feature!

Digital Signature

The adopter’s digital signature will be automatically added to the adoption contract, and the signed contract will be automatically added to both the person and the animal record. No more printing and scanning needed!

Best For Pets

Best for Pets is our checkout feature that provides customized offers to adopters. Did you know that adopters who elect insurance for their new pet at the time of adoption are 40% less likely to return them? With access to affordable pet care becoming a growing problem, our Best for Pets feature empowers adopters to make their own decision about what’s best for their new family member. It’s a great way to support your adopters without any heavy lifting or selling on your part. 

Getting Started

To use mobile checkout and the donation boost, you’ll need to connect to Shelterpay. You can find more details here: How do I set up Shelterpay?