How does the Donation Boost Widget help my organization accept more donations?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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The Donation Boost functionality in mobile checkout has been working so well for our customers (over $19+ million raised so far!) that we wanted to allow you to use it anywhere you like! The Donation Boost Widget allows you to accept and process donations via a simple link, completely separate from a shopping cart in Shelterluv.

Your organization will be given a special link that you can place anywhere you think current and new donors might use it - behind a button on your website, linked from your email signature, shared on social media, and any other creative place you have in mind. You can also add a Donate button to your iframe that links directly to this widget or use the new Text-to-Donate feature. Watch the video below to see how it all works!


Email us at for your organization's special Donation Boost Widget link or take a look at the instructions for creating your link yourself here.



Shelterpay Monthly Giving Program

Your donors may choose to give once or monthly. Learn more here: Shelterpay Monthly Giving Program (recurring donations)

People Records

These donations will be tied directly and automatically into your Shelterluv people records. The system will look at the phone number and email that the donor provides, find the matching person record (if there is one), and add the donation to that person's record. If it doesn't find a match, a new person record will be automatically created in your account with all of the contact information that they entered for the donation transaction:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone


In your accounting reporting, these donations will say "Shelterpay Donation Boost Widget" in the transaction memo to distinguish them from your other donations. If the donor added a note or signed up to give monthly, those will appear in the transaction memo as well.

You can also automatically code these donations to your configured Funds / GL Codes and Departments in Configurations > Shopping Cart Manager > Donations.


The Donation Boost Widget uses the same Stax account that you have set up to use our Shelterpay features (mobile checkout). No extra setup is needed. If you aren't yet taking advantage of our Shelterpay features but would like to enable these in your account, please email us at


The following items are configurable - just email, and we'll take of them for you!

  • Headline copy (large text below your organization's name on the left side of the page)
  • Main copy (smaller text on the left side of the page below the headline)
  • Accent color of the amount selected and donate button (send us the hex color code)
  • Note box header copy (where it currently says "Add a Note")