How can I edit the date of an intake, outcome, or foster event?

Helen Cuadra
Helen Cuadra
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Users with both the "Edit and Delete Inventories, Intakes, Outcomes, Transactions, and Licenses" and "Create and Edit Animal Records" permissions can now edit dates of events such as intakes, outcomes, and foster movements directly from the animal record.

Important Note: If you are billed monthly by adoption outcomes, any backdated adoption will still be counted in the current month's billing cycle regardless of the date it is backdated to. Please reach out to us at if you have any further questions about this.


Editing an event date

1. Navigate to the animal record's History > Caretaker tab.

2. Once you have the Caretaker open, click on the green Edit Record button and the start date of each event will have a dotted underline similar to other parts of the animal record. (If you were already in edit mode before navigating to the Caretaker tab, you will need to exit and re-enter edit mode to see this.)



3. After clicking on the event date you want to edit, a pop-up will appear for you to select a new date. You are also able to edit the time if necessary.




4. Once you are done, click Save Selected and you will see your edits reflected on the animal record.

If you need to make a second edit, just exit and re-enter edit mode.


Event order is important

To ensure that the events on the animal record remain in chronological order, the dates you are allowed to change each event to are constrained by the dates/times of the events that happened right before or after. If you select an invalid date, you will see this error message when saving:


For example, for Grumpy Cat above, you would not be able to backdate his adoption outcome to before his foster out to Ace Ventura on 4/20/2020 (unless you first backdated the foster event to an earlier date).




Associated transactions

Editing the date of an intake or outcome event will not change the date of any transactions associated with the event. Backdating when a payment was received is something accountants find very problematic and also opens your organization up to the risk of theft.


Intakes into foster

If an animal had an intake directly into foster, then you will use the intake event row to backdate both the intake and foster events. This is because the intake comes first chronologically.


Outcomes from foster

If an animal had an outcome directly from foster, then you will use the foster return event to backdate both the outcome and foster events. This is because the foster return comes first chronologically.

If you attempt to backdate the outcome first, you will see receive an error message.



Each time an event is edited, a record of it will be added to the animal's History > Profile Edits tab, which is located next to the Caretaker tab. You will be able to see the date it happened, the type of event that was edited, and the user who processed it.

Using your mouse to hover over the event under the Updates column will display the original and new dates.




Only users with both the "Edit and Delete Inventories, Intakes, Outcomes, Transactions, and Licenses" and "Create and Edit Animal Records" permissions will have access to this functionality.


Event types that cannot be edited

  • Transferred out animals will not have the green Edit Record button available. (Why is this?)
  • The outcome types of unassisted death in custody and euthanasia do not appear on this tab of the animal record and cannot be edited in this way, so be sure to enter the correct date when filling out the outcome form.