Shelterluv's Policy on Editing User Accounts and Communication with Our Support Team

Julia Law
Julia Law
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It is our policy to not touch user accounts or passwords which includes adding new users, or editing existing user accounts. 

If you need to reset your password, you can use the password reset tool located on the login page or you can have someone on your management team with the "Configure my shelters and its users" permission reset your password from their Shelterluv account. This article provides more details about both options: How do I reset my (or another) user account password?

Additionally, we will not make any changes to Shelterluv configurations for a user if the user wouldn't be able to do so themselves based on their given permissions.

If there is a situation where you do not want our support team to respond to an email sent to us from a specific person in your organization, then the signatory on your account can let us know which email address to mark as "do not respond" on our end. 

We are not able to guarantee that we will not respond in all cases. For example, if the person submits a request to a different Shelterluv email address other than or if they submit a request using a different email address, then we may respond if there is no further context or indication of the need to not respond.