How do I decline or delete a pending transfer?

Julia Law
Julia Law
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In Shelterluv today, there is no option to decline or delete pending transfer intakes without affecting the partner shelter that transferred them to you, however this is on our customer request list. You can opt to leave these animals as pending transfers until we release the feature to be able to decline them, but you will see the red pending transfer number until that time.

Another option is to process these animals as intakes and also immediately outcome them with subtypes set not to count towards your live numbers. You'll then be able to reference them as needed but they won't be in custody and they won't skew your Intake and Outcome reports or your Shelter Animals Count Report (you may need assistance from our team if you need to bypass our microchip duplicate checker). If preferred, you can also add pop-up memos indicating the situation and the correct records to use so any staff who might search for the animal know which records are to be used from here on out.

Of course the most ideal option is for your team to accept and use the records that are transferred to you without creating duplicates. If possible, we would suggest asking your partner shelter to make efforts to transfer records to you in a timely manner and train your staff only to use accepted transfer records.