How do I post adopted animals on my website?

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It is possible to use a custom iframe in order to list animals that have been adopted and returned to their owners on a separate page on your organization's website. 

You'll need to build custom iframe code and update the page at the beginning of each month to include all animals that were put into the system default status of Healthy in Home in the previous month. The steps are outlined below, but for additional information about creating a custom report to generate custom iframe code in the second half of this article here. 

First build a Custom Entities Animals in Custody Report including a rule for Status = Healthy in Home. The report columns do not need to be customized as they do not impact the animal detail that shows in the iframe. Once you have the report created, save it so you can use it each time you want to update the animals that are displaying on your site.

To generate the custom iframe code you'll want to go to My Saved Reports, click on the down arrow on the right hand side, then click Generate Embeddable Snippet. This will generate a pop up window where you can enter your preferred date range (we recommend doing this on a monthly basis, but any date range in the past can be selected). Once you press save, the code will appear which you can have your developer use on your website page listing these animals. Some organizations will call this page "Happy Tails" or "Happily at Home."

There unfortunately isn't a way to have this process run automatically, since you'll have to re-generate code each time you want to update the animals that are displaying on your website for the past month. However, it's a pretty quick process once you have the page and iFrame set up, as well as have the report saved so all you need to do is run the report with your new date range and swap out the code.

If preferred, you can explore using the Shelterluv API if you are able to hire a developer to build a more custom site for you.