How do I add a Behavior Check?

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
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Requesting/Scheduling a Check

From the Animal's Record

To request a behavior check, navigate to the animal's record and the Behavior tab. On the Behavior Checks subtab, you'll see a blue "Request Behavior Check" button.



Clicking on either the Behavior Check option will trigger a pop-up that asks for the date for which the check is requested, the reason for which it's requested, and any notes for the check request. 



Configuration Note: The drop-down options on the "Reason" field are configurable in Configuration by users with configuration permissions.

When you've completed the fields and clicked "Save", you'll see that a pending check now displays on the Behavior Checks subtab. 

To delete a pending check, simply click the red "X" on the right side of the pending check row.




Completing a Check

After a check has been requested via the animal's record, that check can be marked as complete via the Tasks page. 

On the Behavioral Task list, you can select a specific date range for pending checks, and you can also filter down based on animal type and location. In a list below the filters, you'll see all pending checks that are due over the date range you select. 



To complete the pending check, click the checkbox to the right of the pending task you would like to update, and a pop up will appear to enter notes and complete the check. You will also have the option to schedule a recheck.