Why does my SAC ending count not match the beginning count for the next day?

Christina Forker
Christina Forker
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Shelter Animals Count tells us the end animal count should be a calculation of the beginning count + live intakes - all outcomes.

Since Shelterluv breaks down the beginning and ending counts by species and age group and Shelter Animals Count does not, you'll end up with different numbers when you view the breakdown by species and age in your ending count vs your beginning count for the next day since we are determining the end count with a simple calculation, and animals will have aged over this time period. 

If you combine the beginning and ending totals by species as SAC does, you'll eliminate the discrepancies within age groups in your report and will be left with only one count per species which should match on both the beginning, and end count days. 

For example, if you run your SAC report for December 2020 and your ending count contains 10 adult dogs and 5 puppies, you may find that your beginning count the following day contains 13 adult dogs and 2 puppies since 3 of the puppies aged into adult dogs at some point during this timeframe. The ending count will still total 15, as will the beginning count. 

If you have any specific questions about this, feel free to email help@shelterluv.com for assistance!