How do I print multiple documents for animal records?

Nate Moss
Nate Moss
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Print Multiple is a powerful tool that allows you to print documents from multiple records at the same time. This tool will save you lots of time if you need to print out all your animals' rabies certificates or medical history documents for example.

What user permissions do I need to use Print Multiple?

  • Add medical data to animal records
  • Create & edit animal records

Using the Print Multiple Tool

Follow these steps to use the Print Multiple tool:

  1. From the main animal dashboard, check the boxes on the left-hand side next to each animal that you want to print documents for.
  2. Click the  outline-print.svg  Print Multiple button on the right-hand side of the dashboard.
  3. In the Print Multiple form, check the box next to one or more of the available documents, such as the Kennel Card or Rabies Certificate, for example.
  4. Click the blue Apply button.
  5. A new tab will open for each of the documents you checked.
  6. In the new tab, use your connected printer to print the documents.

Print Multiple.gif

Your browser's pop-up blocker may block the new document types from launching in new tabs; if that happens, just look for the notification for that and click it to always allow pop-ups from Shelterluv.

Available Options in the Print Multiple Tool

You can print the following documents with the Print Multiple tool:

  1. Complete Medical History
  2. Kennel Card
  3. Rabies Certificate